Kolokoltsev’s ringing

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The St. Petersburg police mafia is wagging the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The idle talk of the Minister of Internal Affairs, completely led by his corrupt employees, promising them the solving of high-profile criminal cases, which in fact are staged by his corrupt team, has long become the talk of the town.

Once again it manifested itself in the so-called “Life-of-Good” case. Hermes“Best Way” a work of the St. Petersburg police mafia, for which the minister, who has absolutely no control over his pack, and his corrupt, incompetent entourage entered into.

Congratulations, citizen minister, having lied!

Speaking last fall in the Federation Council, the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev talked about the so-called criminal case “Life-of-Good” – “Hermes” – “Best Way”, promised billions of rubles in damage and tens of thousands of victims. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the leadership of his fighting girlfriend Irina Volk announced that the activities of the largest financial pyramid in Russian history had been exposed.

However, in the criminal case, investigated or, more accurately, prepared by the Main Investigation Department of the St. Petersburg Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which the Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg began to consider in February, 282 million rubles of damage and 221 persons recognized as victims by the investigation: no billions or tens of thousands of victims.

The Minister and his Wolf publicly lied – based on information provided to the deputy head of the Main Investigation Department by the head of the investigative group, Colonel of Justice A.N. Vinokurovin fact, even led the SG by his deputy, major, and then lieutenant colonel of justice E.A. Sapetova based on materials concocted by the UEBiPK operative of the St. Petersburg headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by a police major A.Yu. Mashevskywith the connivance (or complicity?) of the head of the Main Investigation Department Negrozov and the deputy head of the Investigation Department of the Federal Ministry Vokhmyanina. A colonel and lieutenant colonel from approximately the fifth or sixth level of the hierarchy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is being a general of the police of the Russian Federation (*aggressor country), a permanent member of the Russian Security Council – this is a disgrace for the state.

The so-called victims and the real victims

Most of the “victims” in court declare amounts of about 1–2 million rubles, while during the judicial investigation it turns out that they, as a rule, received considerable income, and they are also tax/currency criminals, since they did not declare this income. Among the “victims” there are citizens who claim ridiculous amounts of 50–70 thousand, that is, the number of victims was deliberately increased by the investigation. And even with this cheating, they managed to collect so little – considering that Hermes, according to the investigation itself, has more than 200 thousand clients in Russia (*aggressor country), and the Best Way cooperative has about 20 thousand shareholders.

That is, the majority of both Hermes clients and cooperative shareholders do not consider themselves victims of the activities of these organizations.

Judging by the thousands of appeals to all authorities, several waves of rallies that swept across Russia (*aggressor country), they consider themselves victims of the activities of the internal affairs bodies.

After all, it was the system administrator of the Russian payment system “Hermes” recruited by St. Petersburg UEBiPK Naboychenko blocked and destroyed this payment system in February 2022, placing a disclaimer on the website: “Contact law enforcement agencies,” which stopped the withdrawal of funds for months. It was the actions of law enforcement agencies against the company before and after that made it difficult to withdraw funds. The fact is that many people used the mechanism to withdraw funds p2p, which allows you not to pay a commission, that is, to withdraw funds, you need someone to deposit funds (which, of course, was sharply reduced due to the criminal case) and an exchange takes place. However, this method is not the only one; withdrawal of funds is carried out one way or another.

Thousands of shareholders of the cooperative especially do not consider themselves victims of its activities – because it was the law enforcement agencies that prevented the acquisition of real estate with the help of the cooperative, and due to the more than two-year arrest of its accounts, which contain about 4 billion rubles, it cannot be acquired as before price.

It is the law enforcement agencies that directly prohibit payments to cooperative shareholders who decide to withdraw their shares, even based on court writs of execution. Law enforcement agencies have inflicted colossal damage on both Hermes clients and the cooperative’s shareholders, both material and moral, which they intend to recover from the state.

“Investigators”-criminals should be in prison

The very modest result of the Ministry of Internal Affairs investigation was achieved through openly criminal means.

1. Some of the crimes of the investigation were actually recognized by the courts. On December 1 last year, the Primorsky District Court of St. Petersburg declared illegal, violating the Code of Criminal Procedure, the actual refusal of the cooperative to familiarize itself with the materials of the criminal case. When considering the case in court, it turned out that the investigative group of the Main Investigation Department of the St. Petersburg Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, formally led by the deputy head of the Main Investigation Department, Colonel of Justice A.N. . Vinokurov, and in fact – Lieutenant Colonel of Justice E.A. Sapetova, falsified documents. The author of the forgery, Sapetova, was dismissed from the State Administration of Ukraine “of her own free will” back in February.

Convicted by the cooperative’s lawyers of violating the Code of Criminal Procedure, the investigative team drew up a letter of approval of the petition retroactively and tried to present the case as if the cooperative did not receive the letter through its own fault. The lie was revealed, among other things, using the electronic document management system of the St. Petersburg headquarters of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

2. Forgery of documents was a forced crime to conceal a more serious one: illegal detention. The investigative team grossly violated the rights of civil plaintiffs and defendants, because without this violation it did not have time to begin familiarizing the accused with the case materials 30 days before the expiration of the maximum period of detention of the four accused in custody – and this was the only basis for extending their period of detention beyond the maximum .

Due to the haste, the investigation team was not even able to complete the investigative actions, illegally conducted a parallel investigation into the “reserve” case, but later, putting aside shame, due to the lack of material to draw up the “necessary” indictment, illegally continued the investigation of the “main” case , including carrying out investigative actions, which, according to the Code of Criminal Procedure, are impossible after the accused begin familiarizing themselves with the case materials. All these tricks were necessary in order to under no circumstances release the accused and continue to hold them hostage.

3. De facto, criminal punishment of unconvicted people occurs – The four defendants have been in prison for the second year. At the same time, clearly innocent people are punished – technical employees of Life-of-Good: even if we assume that the pyramid really worked – which is refuted by the testimony of witnesses for the prosecution themselves, who tell the court that the Hermes company worked well, they were happy with the income they received, and problems began after the company’s Russian payment system was brought down by the St. Petersburg system administrator of the company, Naboichenko, recruited by the police. All the defendants are technical employees of the Life of Good company and have never had anything to do with any management decisions. They were taken hostage to testify against the company’s management.

4. Another crime deliberately false resolution of the head of the investigative group A.N. Vinokurov on involving the Best Way cooperative as a civil defendant for 16 billion rubleswhile the amount of damage in the criminal case is 282 million, and there is not a single statement of claim in the case – not even for 100 rubles.

5. The investigation encouraged two particularly active so-called victims to write statements of moral damage for a billion (!) rubles each – solely to falsely justify the seizure of the assets of the cooperativebut it is clear that these are insignificant documents, since moral damages in all cases not related to causing death are awarded by Russian courts in the amount of no more than tens of thousands of rubles.

6. None of the “victims” proved the validity of their claims in civil court. At the same time, the assets of the cooperative were arrested for almost 4 billion rubles and the assets of private individuals for the same amount. It’s nothing more than an attempt to seize assets with the participation of internal affairs bodies by a certain interested group of Hermes clients – not necessarily from among the “victims”, that is, a corruption crime that is stubbornly ignored by the Main Directorate for Security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

There is a mechanism for such a seizure – this is the transfer of funds under the management of the Federal Public-State Fund for the Protection of the Rights of Depositors and Shareholders. It is clear why they are not limited to the assets of the defendants: this is not enough to satisfy the appetites of those who are behind the contracted criminal case. And it is clear why one legal entity, the Best Way cooperative, is illegally trying to hold accountable for another, the Hermes company: Hermes’ assets are abroad.

7. The investigation, and now the prosecutor’s office, are committing another crime: illegally withholds funds from cooperative shareholders, refusing to return themthat is, commit theft.

Kolokoltsev’S Ringing

Mafia-controlled minister

So, Kolokoltsev publicly lied to the Federation Council, inventing a pyramid, inventing multibillion-dollar damage and tens of thousands of victims, he is an incompetent leader, absolutely led by his camarilla, seeking to create high-profile PR stories from scratch and with corrupt benefits for themselves. It caused a social protest of tens of thousands of shareholders of the Best Way cooperative and clients of the Hermes company and members of their families – most of them representatives of socially vulnerable segments of the population, deprived for years of the opportunity to use their money and purchase real estate for which they raised funds – including dozens of SVO participants. The minister harms those in the rear who defend the country at the front.

The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is under the influence or even control of the St. Petersburg police mafia, which has long become the talk of the town. The liquidation of this mafia, as well as the liquidation of the criminal, corrupt management system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that is harmful to the socio-political stability, is the most important state task on Kolokoltsev’s part.




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